Say It Isn't So

Sunday, October 26, 2008


It was two years to the day of my dearly departed husband's passing. The Autumnal Equinox. I think the doorway to a new season is a fitting day to leave one's earthly bounds. There were many flowers and plants at the funeral. Some I held on to, and some I gave away. My green thumb for houseplants never worked as well as the one I had for outdoor garden plants. Of all the plants that were accepted into my household, I managed to lose all but one.

But on this last autumnal equinox, two years after my love's passing, I saw a bud on that little plant. It sent a rush of euphoria through my very soul. And now four weeks later, there are four flowers in full bloom. Perhaps, it's because it is an African Violet and it thinks it is spring. Perhaps it is my late husbands way of saying that it's time for me to bloom again. At any rate, I am overjoyed!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm back home now. It was sad to leave my sister, niece and nephew but I am happy to be home. Sis seems to be feeling better, although her last chemo was the 4th and the next is this Thursday. So she'll have one good week and then it's back to no energy, no appetite, and subsequent depression as the treatment does what it is designed to do:- kick those demon cells back to hell! My niece was happy to see me too. After talking to Sis about the spa thing and learning that her daughter would not find that relaxing, my niece and I went to the local mall. We were wandering in and out of stores and in Brookstone she was taking a fancy to a new long handled massager. So a few days later, I bought it for her. She was oohing and ahing as she tried it out. Then she had to run it across my back to show me how nice it was. It just might become an accessory to my current muscle relaxant collection of aroma therapy heating/cooling pads, which, btw, double as a great bed warming device. No water or fire needed as you would have needed to heat up those old fashioned devices; just throw the pad in the microwave before tucking it under the sheets and soon you will have warm and cozy tootsies.

I've been going to night school since I became unemployed and I have a mid term test tonight. Should be great because I missed the last couple of weeks of class. I did try to keep up with the course by taking my textbook and keeping up with the reading. I'll soon know if the results are great as in good or great as in ghastly.

Got back just in time to go to a Halloween party. Here's a pic!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'm going to visit my sister who is going through a rough spot in her battle against breast cancer. My hope is to help lift her spirits because this treatment can really drag you down. She is living with her daughter, and unfortunately it's dragging her down too. I know my sis, and she doesn't want to be a burden even in this situation, but my niece says that her Mom isn't helping matters by complaining about things that she can take care of herself before they get to the point of irritation. Things like dry skin and dry mouth that require a squirt or rub with a product that sits right there on her bedstand. My sister had a brain tumour removed two months ago and that left her temporarily paralyzed on her right side. She had gone through some physio and is now able to walk with a walker but she still can't sign her name or other intricate hand manuevers yet. I think my niece really needs a break, so I'm looking into finding her a nice spa treatment place when I get there. Knowing from experience how exasperating it is in the caregiver role, I am hoping to take some of the pressure off her shoulders too. Unfortunately, I can't be there as long as I would like because obligations on the homefront need to be taken care of on a regular basis. My bills come in the mail and are staggered throughout the course of the month. I should have set up a pay online scenario but I don't trust my ability to keep track of more passwords than I already do. There is only so much that my little brain can hold on to.