Say It Isn't So

Saturday, November 10, 2007



I've been off line for a while now. Took a couple of days off work and went up to Buffalo and Niagara Falls to visit with my step son and then my brother. It was great fun. It is so much nicer being on the same side of the continent as most of my family. If only I could convince the bulk of my friends to move back east as well. I say back east because all my west coast friends of the last 30 plus years are all originally from the eastern time zone. That'll never happen though. They're mostly all north of the 49th parallel and have government sponsored health plans:)

I too have managed to keep myself in a health plan. Once my incredibly expensive top-tiered cobra plan was exhausted, I was able to get accepted by the same big name health insurer. To my astonishment my premiums are lower now than before, although my deductible is higher. I'll not complain too much. I'm still in the driver's seat. PPO's allow for a certain amount of control over whom to consult with. I can see health care professionals who make me feel comfortable and walk away from those who don't. Perhaps, I'm a little spoiled.

My sister was on the northern end of her snow bird ways. I picked her up in Niagara Falls and brought her back to my place. She stayed long enough to get me through that very hard time of the anniversary of my husband's passing. What a jewel she is. Off course she flew the coop before the first frost appeared. Made it by only one week.

I'm through level 2 of my Tai Chi instruction and have embarked on level 3. This one is a little faster and more aerobic. Hope I don't get too dizzy. I'm so used to moving like a turtle!