Say It Isn't So

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Before we left California hubby enlisted his new Ohio Doctor because he had so many health issues that needed attention. The Doctor was highly recommended by his Mother as he was her practioner. His office was located out in a little town near where we were going to be living. Once in Ohio hubby had his first appointment with the good doctor the second day after our arrival. I was impressed enough to sign him up as my doctor too! Several months later, after I got a new health care provider because the old one did not have any links here in Ohio, my first appointment with my new Doctor went well. His first look at me and he said "you look anemic!" I looked at he who was born in India, and with a big smile said, "I'm one of the pale faces!" Nevertheless, he gave me a blood test in order to be sure. I was not anemic.

My previous doctor of ten years had the same reaction upon first encountering me. When the diagnosis of MS was made, I was encouraged to take a super complex B vitamin supplement. I did comply for about a month or so, taking them after dinner, but came to the realization that they were causing a burning sensation throughout my body which was disturbing my ability to get a good night's sleep. I started taking them right after breakfast and the same sensation occurred during the daylight hours. Not that I was trying to sleep during the day, I've never been much of a napper, but the on fire sensation in the inner sanctum was uncomfortable.

I figure that I get enough B vitamins through my intake of food. There's Bananas, Bran flakes, Brown rice, Brown eggs - actually color does not matter, Black or Brown Beer, Beans - especially Boston Baked Beans, Beef, Butter - to help process the B's, Marmite -Brewers Yeast, Black Strap Molasses, and Peanut Butter spread smoothly over a whole wheat pita pocket. Hmmmm, scrumptious goodness!

Another benefit from a lot of the above B sources is a hefty fiber content. The harmonious flow of input and output. You know it's still all about the Butt!
On another B note. We had a Blue Moon on the 31st! Did anyone stay up late enough to see it?