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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Strange sensations

Well, I still have the pins and needles. Nothing else has happened neurologically but I don't remember this lasting so long, now 3 months, the last time. I have become quite accustomed to it. Though I cannot consider it normal when everything I touch with my right hand feels like a terry cloth bath towel. Then again, when I actually touch a terry cloth towel or a knitted sweater, the sensation is amplified. Strange connection.


At 11:38 PM, August 15, 2018, Blogger Mari said...

Mouse, are you still there? I am terrible with my blog, never post, cannot even comprehend getting comments. I saw yours on my blog, The Writer's Block for the first time just now. And I came, but you haven't been here since )ct. 2017, almost a year.
Are you okay? Are you still out there?
You've been blogging for a long time.


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