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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Galveston the sidewalk has buckled where the wind tried to blow a tree over. The tree is still there, just leaning out of the picture.

I have done a bit more travelling since my last post. Pittsburgh, Galveston and Houston where my nephew was getting married. The wedding was great and I was glad to be there because there were not many on my side that were able to attend. That is the great trouble with one's family being scattered far and wide. It is, of course, the way it has always been with my kin. We have not got the pioneering spirit out of our systems yet. Still, I love adventure. I could wish to be younger and visit the International Space Station, or perhaps, even Mars! I did get to visit the Johnson Space Center while I was down there in Houston though. On the 40th Anniversary of our landing on the Moon. Wonderful! I also saw Galveston, a town that has been a favorite of mine, and for which I was worried about what remained after Hurricane Ike last year. It is with great relief that I saw the signs of a come back. The old stately homes, the ones that harbor so much history, are not being razed but are being restored. All is well.

I am back into refining my skills and knowledge as a tax preparer. It seems that I spend more time learning about tax laws than I do preparing tax returns. Many changes happening this year that should be of benefit to those of us (most of us) who are facing hard times. I am also working as a temp now and then, here and there. All is good.


At 5:52 PM, October 11, 2009, Blogger Herrad said...

Just came by to say hello.
Hope you have a good week.


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