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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well, it's only 2 weeks to this day that we plan on packing up the moving truck and hooking up the car and heading to Ohio! That is the plan anyway. The husband has some hopefully minor surgery to be performed on the 21st where the Doctor will go in with a laser gun and try to blast this rather large kidney stone out beyond the blogosphere. If the laser doesn't take it out then some kind of stint gets placed in an appropriate position, to help the boulder pass naturally with somewhat of a lesser pain than the usual giving birth analogy. He also has had a problem with water retention and his Doctor put him on some diuretics. He lost about 25 lbs of water rapidly and thought that was great. We (me) were watching his sodium intake as the Doctor had requested. I had to nag a bit because he loves eat those processed meats like ham and polish sausage, etc. Next thing I know he is tired all the time. He refused to get out of bed one Friday morning to go to his appointment with the urologist to see about the rock. I managed to talk him into going and rescheduled his appointment for a later time that same day. Come Monday he was really out of it and I drove him to his regular Doctor's. His blood pressure was so low that they sort of panicked and he was told to stop taking the diuretics. I was told to make him drink gatorade, which he hates, to get his electrolytes back up. He is back in fine form now. Man that was scarey. And so we move along.

During the aforementioned 'my husband's fallen asleep and he won't get up' panic, I busy myself with packing and cleaning, cleaning and packing. I took the Murphy Oil Soap to all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Then I went over them with some stuff that is called Re Stor and smells like nail polish remover. Brings back memories of why I stopped painting my nails, way before I read that the stuff (polish and remover) was so bad for them. So far I have only done the kitchen cabinets with the Re Stor and they look really good. The smelly stuff works!

Another project that I have been working on is the shredding of documents. There are some things that I hang on to for sentimental reasons and some things for documentation back up purposes. I suppose that once I was Naturalized I didn't need to save things like bank statements, rent receipts, gas and electric bills, etc. etc. I have these things going back to twenty years ago. I am shredding them all. Take my word for it and don't save too much crap! It's never been needed and it's a tedious process to deal with it en masse. Shred as you go. It's much easier to deal with it as it happens. You've got to save those important receipts for things that add to your home equity, like that new garage door or hot water heater, or for things that might break, like the shredder, or things that you might want to take back because you couldn't figure out how to make them work, like that new router:)

Once we are out of here, the painters and carpet layers get to work, and the house goes on the market. We know that is backward to the approach that most people take to moving but we feel that if we get all our stuff out and make the place turnkey it will ultimately sell faster. That is the idea and our Agent is quite okay with it. We trust him to do the best that he can for us and as he is the guy that found us this house in the first place we want him to share in the proceeds.

So any day now this computer will get shut down and packed up and probably won't be back in action for several months. I will suffer a slight withdrawal crawl and then I shall be on the road. We have a laptop too so I may check in from time to time, if we stay at an up to speed hotel. We won't have a connection in Ohio until we buy our new home which will probably be after our old home sells and closes escrow. Unless I manage to take advantage of my exceptionally good college grades and get a good job with good health benefits first.


At 6:56 AM, March 19, 2006, Blogger Steel Turman said...


If you put all those shreds in big thick black plastic bags and use a vacuum to remove all the air, they will turn into almost nothing.

Save 'em Mouse. They will make damned fine firestarter next winter.

At 8:16 AM, March 20, 2006, Blogger Pris said...

You have a lot on your agenda right now for sure. Moving isn't easy! Let us know when you're settled.

As for Gatorade, after the first set of hurricanes down here we lost power for ten days and the heat was so bad you had to run cool tap water over your wrists and lie in sweat all night. At one point, my legs hurt so bad I could hardly walk. Was drinking water, so I didn't understand, but a friend told me to drink Gaterade. Presto. Cramps down to almost nothing first day. Gone the second. Electrolyte loss can be pretty devastating in its effects.

At 8:22 PM, March 20, 2006, Blogger mouse said...

Steel, I thought about packing them and taking them on our first camping adventure. Burning them would be so much easier, but I know that I would pay in the end with a terrific case of black lung, or something similar:)

Pris, I think I might just go for some Gatorade right now. You actually make it sound good!

At 10:07 AM, March 21, 2006, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Hey, take care of that guy, mkay? Oh, and good luck with that whole moving thing. Not for the weak of heart.

Oh, and shredded paper makes excellent mulch in the garden. Lay it between the rows and it degrades pretty quickly.

At 11:27 PM, March 21, 2006, Blogger mouse said...

Muchos grassiass, Sir Mdm. I look forward to a garden once again.


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