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Saturday, February 11, 2006



Tomorrow, the husband and I celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Who'd have thought we would manage to pull this off! Apparently the odds are against us, but we were never normal anyway. We've been through lots of ups and downs, feasts and famines, good times and bad times. Maybe we didn't always agree, but it's all a matter of give and take. You win some, you lose some. That's what marriage is all about. I've got to say I feel like a winner!

When we first met he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. Just acquaintances who met through mutual friends. He and his gal moved to the west coast after dropping off a set of speakers embedded in a barrel as my take of their stuff that they didn't want to move with them. I would spend hours listening to Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer on those speakers. When friends came over they would double as a chair. Cool stuff!

About 2 years later, I moved out west! We met again while I was visiting and he was no longer entrenched in his previous relationship. As free agents, it didn't take long for the arrow to his us. We have been together ever since and I don't regret a minute of it.

Years ago I wrote a poem about my love. I told him about it, that it was in a box with all those poems that I wrote when I was in the youthful throws of adolescent angst. That he should take a look at it if anything should ever happen to me, but I never showed it to him. Somehow, I feel that he would never look at it if something did happen to me. That he would need to find someone else to go through all my stuff and so it would be lost. That's my adult angst talking! So I will post it here.

To You, the love of my life!

If I should die tomorrow
My love was true sublime
Do not dwell in sorrow
There is no end to time
As there is no real beginning
I shall be there in your mind
Always laughing, always grinning
Always there for you to find.

Without a doubt, you've given me the happiest years of my life, and I am looking forward to many, many more.


At 11:40 AM, February 13, 2006, Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

30 ... wow. The mrs and I are bearing down on our 10th but ... wow. Good going and here is to another 30!

At 4:08 PM, February 13, 2006, Blogger mouse said...


At 5:38 AM, February 22, 2006, Blogger Pris said...

What wonderful photos. What a wonderful story. You two are a living miracle of love!

At 12:24 PM, March 03, 2006, Blogger personallog! said...

I didnt relise you liked zappa! I love zappa him...god rest him! Your photo's are great! I wish you both well in the future!


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