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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Little Witch

Onwards and upwards, I meander through time. Another memory has escaped the black hole in my brain, thanks to the photo above. It does not have any bearing on the MS thing that I can think of but I'm going to share it anyway.

Back when my young partner in crime and I used to surrepticiously do all things we were told not to do, see post of July 07, 2005, exploring the neighbourhood was mandatory to our gang. I had other friends, but they were much better behaved than myself and so they shied away from our shenanigans. As intrepid explorers we knew all the community so sometimes it was necessary to venture a little further to find new things of interest. So we wandered a few blocks away. We had stayed on the side of the lake drive that we were supposed to in that we were not allowed to cross it to visit the lakeshore. There was a very unusual house with a turret made of stone. We were convinced that a witch must be living in that house. It was thrilling and frightening to be near that house, and we'd creep up to it, getting only as close as we dared to, before hightailing it out of there. I would dream of this house at night and the witch that lived within it. She never came out to catch us and take us inside to put us in her large cooking pot, so I decided that I must also be a witch and was able to protect us.

I can now quite vividly remember as I sat in that rocking chair on my front porch, I was thinking.... I am a witch.


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