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Saturday, May 19, 2007


At last it's here! Mother's Day is over and it's time to plant. I only have a small area in my tiny backyard to utilize but use it I will. Want a little lilac bush and some teeny tiny alyssum. The lilac probably won't render it's aroma until next year as I can smell the delights of other people's bushes already in full bloom. However, the sweet smell of alyssum should be good to go until fall. That is unless the local deer don't decide to make a meal of it. According to my neighbors, plastic is the way to go around here. I'm stubborn though and want to give these treats to my nosebuds a good try.

Spring is not the only thing that has sprung around here. My orifices have sprang as well. I must keep a kleenex in hand at all times. Eyes are running, nose is dripping and my lungs are liquifying on a regular basis. I know that I should keep my windows closed and all that, but again my stubborn nature rules and I want to experience Mother Nature's rebirth with every sense of my being. A little inconvenience like kleenex is a small price to pay. Besides they're made by P & G so I'm helping my local economy as well.

I don't think that I'm the only MSer with an overabundance of mucus. It seems to me that many people have this kind of reaction to certain stimuli. It's pollen in the spring, air conditioning in the summer, dust in the fall, and chemical deodorizers all year round. Why do people think that a plug in device filled with chemical scents is cleaning the air? I don't even think they smell particularly good either! Some of them can run me out of a building because my lungs start to fill with liquid and I start losing my ability to absorb enough oxygen to function.

Some foods can do this to me also. Mixing wheat and milk seems to open up the flood gates to my inner aquifer of sputum, but I love my morning cereal. Frosted mini wheats are better than corn flakes. I don't care what Tony the Tiger says! And Raisin Bran tastes great and helps keep me regular. Who could enjoy life without Macaroni and Cheese. Alas, perhaps one day I shall become so annoyed at being phlegmish that I shall exert more control over my food choices than I already do. I remember my Dad telling me that as he hit the big 50, all the foods he loved suddenly started to not love him. Bananas, peanut butter, chocolate and milk! Chocolate can never be banished from my life. I am a woman and chocolate is essential to my well being! I did learn to drink 2% and 1 % milk with some great effort. It was kind of like quitting smoking! Now when I am subjected to whole milk, I find it somewhat greasy, like potato chips. Epiphany! Maybe if I go back to whole milk, I'll weed the scumdrum out of me. After all, I am the granddaughter of a dairy farmer, so I think I will give it a try. I have a half gallon of 2% to get through first. If the weather warms up a little more though I could start on some ice cream. Hmmm, pralines and cream, jamoca almond fudge, maple walnut. Come on sunshine!

Diary of a Dairy Princess - to be continued....,


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