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Saturday, July 09, 2005


My brother and sister were 11 and 12 when I was born. They were sent off to an aunts when the time came for my birth. My sister told me that when they got back home and saw me, I had spots all over my body that my Mom would put some kind of salve on. She said she dosen't remember what caused them. As my Mom's been gone for 20 years now (Dad's gone too) I guess I'll never know. That's the trouble with being over 50 at the time of diagnosis. My resources as far as history goes are either gone or losing their memories;-) But I don't think it was chicken pox because I got that later on and I don't believe you can get it twice, shingles, yes, but not the pox. Can you?

I do remember my Mom telling me that I was supposed to arrive in the middle of June. She said that when July rolled around the Doctor would call her every day to make sure that I was still kicking! She assured him that I was, and finally, toward the end of July, I arrived. Then, on the delivery table, apparently I was coming out backwards. Caesarian Sections were not a common occurrence back then. They let me alone for 2 hours and I righted myself and started the journey that led me here. So I got off to a slow start. Maybe they were age spots!

Another possible noteworthy item. My Mom was 37 when I was born. Back then that was considered pretty late to be having children. We were best friends and I still miss her and wish she were here.


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