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Thursday, July 07, 2005


A friend of mine was going on vacation today. Flying to London. They are aware of the bombings that took place in the underground, but it's not going to stop them from having a great tour of Jolly Olde's London town! I lived there for a while. It is so full of antiquities in a way that a North American cannot fathom. Even someone from, say, New York. Yet at the same time London is very modern. Kind of an oxymoron. It's just a shame that some people think it is noble to inflict devastation on others in the name of one's God. They say the devil works in strange ways.


I was born in the city. My family lived on a street called Begin. How appropriate a start in this world. It was situated between the University of Montreal and St. Joseph's Oratory. I know one other person who lived in that neighbourhood who developed Multiple Sclerosis but they were only related to me by way of marriage. I only lived there about a year, or so, before moving to the new suburbs. A place where you put in the landscaping after you moved in. Although my memory (one episode) goes back to a time when I still slept in a crib, there is an event that took place that I think might have some bearing on the MS thing. My mother told me that there was a big pile of manure in the back yard while they were preparing to get the landscape together. A slow process with a new house and little money. One day she found me out there in this mountain of dung. I had taken all my clothes off, and was sitting in it with a naked neighbour (a boy who's name I still remember) and we were eating it. It is embarassing to recount it. I have no recollection of this episode, but I can see no reason why my mom would invent such a story. I must also add that the boy and I were about 2 or 3 at the time. Anyway, with the knowledge that some medical people think that MS might be caused by a virus, I think this is a noteworthy event in my life (as gross as it sounds).


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